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So this blog post is a little bit different from the stuff we usually post, which is new CoverLoad releases. We actually want to bring light to one of our other macOS applications. If you work with text, and in particular with pieces of text (or strings if you want), you might find our application Convert String very useful. Especially if you are a developer working with encoded strings frequently.

Currently Convert String offers the following features:

• Lower- or uppercasing, capitalizing, and reversing
• AP, APA, CMOS, and MLA style formatting
• Encoding and decoding Base64, Hex, HTML, and URL
• Encoding and decoding ROT-5, ROT-13, ROT-18, and ROT-47
• Hashing to MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512
• Replacing characters or words within strings
• Sorting (and reverse sorting) with selectable separators
• Viewing a history of all conversions
• Exporting to CSV, JSON, or XML

Convert String is available in the App Store. Just like CoverLoad, Convert String does not have any ads, nor does it phone home. But, it does cost a bit of money. Lucky for you, we have some redemption codes available for the first 10 commenters on this blog post.

You do not have to share or rate anything for it. Just comment with a real email address (which will not be disclosed) so we can send you a redemption code. We do not have a mailing list, as we ourselves hate nothing more than being added to mailing lists. Otherwise you can try to using a temporary email address, although it might take a few hours for us to respond.