CoverLoad 1.1.4 Released

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Johan Bassa
Johan Bassa
CoverLoad 1.1.4 Released

Since its initial release, CoverLoad has been downloaded from different countries all over the world. Some of those countries were not able to search their own iTunes Store. The content available in each iTunes Store varies by country and region. We have expanded the availability of content according to the Availability of Apple Media Services. This means you won't be able to accidentally search for non-existing content anymore.

In addition, we love Homebrew. So we have made CoverLoad available through Homebrew Cask. After setting up Homebrew you can install CoverLoad with the command brew install coverload. Once you have CoverLoad installed, you can use Homebrew Cask Upgrade to automatically update CoverLoad when a new version has been released. Since we do not want CoverLoad to phone home, we have decided to not build in an automatic update function that, naturally, needs to phone home.

Send us an email or leave a comment below if something is still not working properly for you or if you encounter any bugs.

What We Have Updated in Version 1.1.4

  • Added support for all iTunes Store countries and regions

Download CoverLoad 1.1.4 (260)
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Alternatively, install the latest version of CoverLoad with brew install --cask coverload or through MacUpdate.

CoverLoad is free of ads and free of charge. However, to cover the costs for hosting, maintenance, and coffee, we'd deeply appreciate you helping us with a small donation.