CoverLoad 1.1.5 Released

Small Update

Johan Bassa
Johan Bassa
CoverLoad 1.1.5 Released

We have recently moved our domain and hosting from GoDaddy to AWS (Amazon Lightsail). The reason? GoDaddy's offer was more expensive and the options limited. Their website is also unpleasant to use. AWS offers more freedom, and is actually pleasant to use. Anyway, we've barely used the now obsolete email, and we actually do not want to pay for its hosting. So from now on we'll be using, which is included in a service we are already using. It's free, requires no configuration, and it's one mailbox less to check (it's included in our main mailbox). Yes indeed, Outlook provides real aliases, unlike Gmail where you are required to make a new account. So we really only have to configure and maintain 1 account for all our email needs.

CoverLoad utilizes Alamofire and SDWebImage to download cover art from the iTunes Store. Both have been updated to their latest versions in this release. It works amazingly fast. We love it. And we know you'll do too!

What We Have Updated in Version 1.1.5

  • Updated support information
  • Updated dependencies

Download CoverLoad 1.1.5 (265)
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Alternatively, install the latest version of CoverLoad with brew install --cask coverload or through MacUpdate.

CoverLoad is free of ads and free of charge. However, to cover the costs for hosting, maintenance, and coffee, we'd deeply appreciate you helping us with a small donation.