CoverLoad 1.2.2 Released

Speed It Up

Johan Bassa
Johan Bassa
CoverLoad 1.2.2 Released

Once again, we have made CoverLoad a little bit better. That's it for now. Leave a comment if you like CoverLoad.

What We Have Updated in Version 1.2.2

  • Fixed an issue where iTunes wouldn't open
  • Polished the code for handling network requests

Download CoverLoad 1.2.2 (503)
SHA-256 checksum for CoverLoad 1.2.2 (503)

Alternatively, install the latest version of CoverLoad with brew install coverload or through MacUpdate.

CoverLoad is free of ads and free of charge. However, to cover the costs for hosting, maintenance, and coffee, we'd deeply appreciate you helping us with a small donation.

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