CoverLoad 2.2.0 Released

Big Sur and M1

Johan Bassa
Johan Bassa
CoverLoad 2.2.0 Released

This update was built with Xcode 12.3 (12C33) and includes support for the new arm64 architecture. However, we do not own a Mac model with M1, so we haven't been able to test it ourselves. Let us know if something is not working properly for you.

[user:~]$ lipo -detailed_info /Applications/
Fat header in: /Applications/
fat_magic 0xcafebabe
nfat_arch 2
architecture x86_64
    cputype CPU_TYPE_X86_64
    cpusubtype CPU_SUBTYPE_X86_64_ALL
    capabilities 0x0
    offset 16384
    size 301024
    align 2^14 (16384)
architecture arm64
    cputype CPU_TYPE_ARM64
    cpusubtype CPU_SUBTYPE_ARM64_ALL
    capabilities 0x0
    offset 327680
    size 299360
    align 2^14 (16384)

In addition, we have added the option to download covers for music videos and short films. Just select from the dropdown menu which kind of media you want and you're good to go! Already searched for something and want to change the media type? Select the new media type and CoverLoad will automatically retrieve and update the search results for you. It's still that easy.

What We Have Updated in Version 2.2.0

  • Added support for macOS Big Sur
  • Added support for Mac models with M1
  • Added support for more media options

Download CoverLoad 2.2.0 (757)
SHA-256 checksum for CoverLoad 2.2.0 (757)

Alternatively, install the latest version of CoverLoad with brew install --cask coverload or through MacUpdate.

CoverLoad is free of ads and free of charge. However, to cover the costs for hosting, maintenance, and coffee, we'd deeply appreciate you helping us with a small donation.